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Meet The Team

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ELeanor TATE BA (Hons)

Head of Creative Learning

Eleanor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and Film Studies from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. She is a director and actor who believes all art sends a message and that she has a responsibility over the message that is sent. In her work she strives to highlight injustice, insight debate and create change.

Eleanor is excited about heading up Not So Nice’s branch out into Theatre in Education where she will be directing a collection of original plays. These plays will be used to raise awareness about important and current issues that young people may face. She is bringing her experience and passion to this project and is thrilled to be making positive change


Tom Heald (BA Hons)

Associate Playwright

Tom's writing is very character focused. Specialising in intimate and very real stories, often in hermetically enclosed locations. Tom mainly explores the genre of Black Comedy and how this can be utilised for satirical effect.

Tom's experience as an actor and his love of reading fiction books has heavily influenced his people focused storytelling. He is very excited about starting his journey at NOT SO NICE! Theatre Company, and can't wait to see what the future holds.


Blue McElroy

Associate Playwright

Blue McElroy is an artist and digital nomad who recently finished her MFA in playwrighting. She is passionate about writing on topics that need investigation and discussion.


Blue's work explores physiological issues and how they manifest in our bodies, behaviours, and relationships, Issues like mental illness, trauma, and grief are found in both her comedies and tragedies. She hoped to build empathy, compassion, and understanding through shared visceral experiences.


Matthew Attwood BA (Hons)

Co-Founder & Artistic Director

Matthew's passion and experience in the dance world highly influences his physical theatre style, that He employs into his approach to directing. As a National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) award winner for his 'Imaginative writing and Creative Direction', Matthew has experience in creating A fully  realized and explosive productions with a keen sense of attention to detail.

graduate of Anglia Ruskin University, Matthew is eager to showcase his talents as a writer, director and actor. Matthew has recently completed a PGCE and QTS course, in the hope to use his acquired knowledge in future productions.

Matthew is now studying an MFA (Master In Fine Arts) course in Theatre Directing at Edinburgh Napier University. 


Grace Baker ATCL, BA (Hons)

Co- Founder & Artistic Director

Performance activist and up and coming playwright. Grace is passionate about creating original work which helps to alter certain societal outlooks on taboo topics , past and present.

Grace's Musical training plays a large role in her performances.

STAR GRADUATE of Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, Grace is currently studying an MFA (master of FINE ARTS) in Theatre Directing at Edinburgh Napier University. After debuting her four star production of 'Smile [Like Your Happy]', Grace is excited to be returning to the fringe in 2022.

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